The Bottom Line: 

Although US-based companies like TripAdvisor and Expedia have long dominated the travel industry, Europe is also quickly becoming a source of top travel enterprises. has for many years rivaled its across-the-ocean counterparts, being based out of Holland. Also, we are recently observing new start-ups that are crashing onto the scene with success. This article examines three reasons for this trend:

(1) Empires declining: start-ups and small initiatives are gaining ground, as it is difficult to maintain a huge company (especially across continents) 

(2) Digital leadership: new companies are on producing cutting-edge travel technology 

(3) Successful Newbies: a number of small businesses with new ideas are doing surprisingly well in the competitive market

For local companies in Latin America, these trends provide hope, seeing a spread-out market demand that no longer funnels into the “same old” powerhouses of the industry.

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Author: Shannon Cantor