TripActions launches NDC platform in partnership with United Airlines

By Mitra Sorrells | June 11, 2019

Business travel platform TripActions is launching an end-to-end flight shopping and booking experience integrated with IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) industry standard.

The system is launching in partnership with United Airlines and will allow TripActions clients to access the same content that is available on United’s website, such as fares, bundles and ancillary products like premium seating, checked baggage, club access and more.

“We are getting essentially everything that’s available on There is no need for a traveler to purchase anything outside of the platform, even down to a same-day change … where they couldn’t have done that before,” says Daniel Finkel, vice president of booking experience and supplier strategy at TripActions.

Enabling a more user-friendly experience will drive higher adoption of the platform by business travelers, he says, thereby giving their employers a more complete and transparent view of their company’s travel spending.

“Through the customization of the bundles we are able to do, in some cases we’ll have more [content] and it will be tailored to the companies using us,” Finkel says.

“As we start to roll this out, we are going to do it at the TripActions-wide level from an economy-plus perspective. What we are able to do, because we are able to bundle these disparate ancillaries together, is to create a new fare class essentially for United – an economy-plus fare class – that will be available … to all clients that we move into NDC.”

The next step will be to develop bundles customized to individual clients based on their unique needs.

“We don’t want to put things in front of our clients that create harm in terms of policy. So by rolling it out to a smaller handful of customers, we can work with them and United to determine the right bundles and the right offers to put in front of the clients to really learn about how this affects policy,” he says.

Finkel says he expects the NDC experience to be scaled to all customers “in the very near future,” with United as well as several additional carriers.

“Our goal at United is to provide the easiest and best experience for customers from the moment they book a flight to the moment they arrive at their final destination,” says Glenn Hollister, vice president of sales strategy and effectiveness at United.

“We’re committed to making the booking and shopping experience the best it can be on a variety of channels, and in working with TripActions to offer NDC, we’re able to provide a more seamless experience for our customers.”

In February, TripActions launched a new booking experience in collaboration with United, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines and based on the Next-Generation Storefront (NGS) standards being developed by ATPCO.

The Bottom Line:

TripActions business travel company is on top of the market demand, releasing a new and all-inclusive booking platform. It offers end-to-end service for flight and travel bookings, in partnership with United Airlines. This new feature is a major benefit to companies seeking easy and convenient travel bookings, and will surely be a major hit on the market.

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Author: Shannon Cantor


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